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Vitamer Electric Multipurpose Cooker


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Capacity: 1.5L
Rated Power: 700W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Weight: 906g
Product Size: 230*158*106mm
Packing Size: 260*134*210mm
Serve: 1 – 3 Person
Function: Steamed, fried, boiled, stewed, braised, hot pot

How to use
1. Before the first use, fill the pot with water to maximum water level, select the “BIG” function, then pour out the boiling water after completion, and then repeat it again to clean the inside of the pot body to remove the odor.
2. Please add appropriate amount of water or food materials according to the water mark on the pot body, do not exceed the maximum water level, and do not have too little water in the pot to avoid working without water.
3. If you want to stop heating, please turn the knob to the “OFF” position and unplug the power plug.
4. During the operation of the electric cooker, it is strictly forbidden to touch the heating plate and the surface of the product by hand to avoid scalding.

How to clean
1. Before cleaning the electric cooker, pull off the power plug and let it cool down.
2. Do not immerse the electric cooker, power cord, power plug and power base in water.
3. Make sure electrical wiring is dry.
4. Wipe the shell of the electric cooker with a wet cloth. Do not use scrubbing powder, cleaning paste and other products, because they will damage the luster of the electric cooker.
5. The surface of the pot body is coated with a non stick coating. To prevent scratching the surface coating, please use a wooden or plastic shovel.
6. The pot body has a non stick coating and is easy to clean. Do not use any metal or other sharp objects to clean the electric cooker, which may cause the coating to fall off or scratch.

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