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Vitamer Portable Juicer Cup


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Bottle Material: Tritan
Blade Material: 304 Steel
Capacity: 300ml
Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
Rated Power: 65W
Rated Voltage: 7.4V
Weight: 450g
Product Size: 82*89*181mm
Packing Size: 83*83*183mm
Function: Juicing/ Protein blender

How to use
1. Please make sure the battery is fully charge before using it for the first time to extend the battery life ( The white light is on when fully charge)
2. Cut the food material into small pieces and put them into the cup with water or other drinks.
3. DOUBLE press the power button to start blending, It takes about 40s to finish the juicing for a single time. Double click the power button if you need to continue.

How to clean
1. Please ensure that the blade stops before cleaning.
2. Wash the inside of the cup and the parts in contact with food, rinse with water and dry in time.
3. Fast cleaning: Add some water in the cup, tighten the lid , double press the power button to start work for 10s.
4. When storage, please ensure that the product is clean, dry and placed in dry ventilation, avoid direct sunlight.

How to Charge
1. Ensure the blender is fully charged before first use.
2. Led light is orange when the blender is charging, and turns white when finished.
3. Press the power button on the base:
– Indication light turns WHITE if the battery is full
– indication light turns to flick ORANGE/WHITE if the battery is running out soon
– NO Indication light, please recharge the battery

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